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Oct 26 2012

*Digital Sketchbook:

About: Playing at the intersection of learning, dreaming and technology.

I am Chief Education Officer and Co-Founder of Bon Education. We are a team of creators, educators, learners and dreamers passionate education design and learning program development. To learn more about what we do visit

Bio: Thinking about how learning processes, intentions and technology can be used to promote deepened awareness, education, cross-cultural understanding and great ideas.

I’ve led learning program development, edtech product development, professional development and online community initiatives for companies and schools across the Middle East, North America and Far East. To learn more visit the Bon about page or my profile on LinkedIn.

Writing: Sharing ideas about education, teaching, learning and literacy with an eye towards emerging markets.

Personal blog:

EdTech in emerging markets blog:

Literacy blog:

Curriki blogs:

Rules to live by:

“Simple ideas are about elegance and prioritization, not dumbing down.” – C & D Heath
“Patience does not mean to passively endure. It means to be farsighted enough to trust the end result of a process.” – Shams
“Life is about follow-up!” – J. Wagner
“Your mind doesn’t have to wear a uniform. Mac to school.” – Apple store Bangkok


Yoga, travel, blogging, jogging, reading

Project areas of interest:

Learning program development (workplace, school and community), holistic learning facilitation practices, mentoring and coaching, entrepreneurship education, digital literacy, emerging market education initiatives


Twitter: @bon_education

Email: contact page

Facebook: Bon Education

Dubai, UAE


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