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Mar 17 2012 Published by under Good Ideas,Reflections

The Bon Education team is nearly ready to launch our first book (Return of the Champion) in the interactive iBooks series for kids, The Adventures of BB and Sam. After a year of research (in Thailand!) and production, we are nearly ready to go live!

As the pieces of the book come together—text, illustrations, videos, photos, soundtrack—I’ve been marveling at our creative team’s work and looking to design blogs for further inspiration as I work with the education and outreach team. Imagine if textbooks, storybooks and online educational sites took visual cues from these awesome sites!

Decor8—created by Holly Becker (author, journalist, interior design consultant and blogging educator), Decor8 is filled with gorgeous images, stories and places that inspire readers to think about space, color, food and fashion in a more conscious and creative way. Favorite posts include: Water Colors from Miss Capricho and Meeting Sweet Paul.

Design Mom—Designer and mother of six living in a French country house, Gabrielle Blair blogs about DIY, fashion, picture books and great products. Check out: Instant Gratification and Featured Picture Books.

Chef Chloe—Chloe Coscarelli is the only food blogger that has inspired me to cook more than one recipe. Filled with colorful pictures, easy-to-make dishes and healthy alternatives to normally unhealthy dishes, Chloe’s recipe site will inspire even the biggest carnivores to learn how to cook something green and new. High on the yum factor: Harvest Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms, Roasted Apple Butternut Squash and Carmelized Onion Pizza and Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes.

What I love about the above blogs is that they inspire readers to action—to notice the subtle beauty of a piece of asparagus, to appreciate a well designed cotton t-shirt, to try cooking in a more eco-friendly way… How can we as educators and education product creators do the same?

As my Thai cooking teacher instilled in me, presentation, presentation, presentation! For more thoughts on design and education, check out my post, “Coke is it! Why all Educators should be Mass Marketeers”.



Above image by Marcosleal in the public domain.

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